Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sketchbook Project Part ONE

So, as part of my Senior Art Seminar Project our class had to apply for some kind of exhibit that would showcase our work. I had heard of the sketchbook project and decided to give it a whirl. The idea is that they send you a sketchbook, you fill it up, and then send it back to be a part of a library of sketchbooks.

Waiting for my book to arrive, I thought of the project as an opportunity to flex my comic muscle, and impress people. I have to admit that I was some what disappointed when the book did arrive. It was smaller than I thought, but worse than that there was a theme to it.

"My life inside a yellow submarine."

If the theme had been something more thoughtful like "anger" or "time" or really anything more broad I probably wouldn't have reacted as I did. But being totally uninterested in yellow submarines, I confess that it had an affect on my work. The project was now more of an assignment than an interesting opportunity.

All this is of course possible due to my BRAND SPANKING NEW SCANNER.
I have named her "Ceres" after the artificial intelligence in Obsidian that makes dreams a reality.

I think a lot of the work in that sketchbook is junk, I'm not even sure if I want to submit it anymore. But I've always been hyper-critical of my work. Without further adieu, here is the comic:

Sketchbook Project PART TWO

I might have done some editing and spruced up the comic a bit. But I really don't like it.
It's hard not to view the whole experience as a waste of time, because the fact remains that I WAS a practice in drawing backgrounds and working in smaller format.

So yeah. Let's just call this a practice.
A study!

The Sketch Book Project PART THREE

I didn't bother to scan any of the other pictures that I allude to in this comic.
This is more to tease your sense of mystery than a reflection of my laziness.

Speaking of reflections, the quality of the scans also reflects my contempt for the comic.