Monday, November 10, 2008

Work for the FCC

I've always found it horribly frustrating the idea that mental abuse in marriage is good material for a comic strip.

Friday, November 7, 2008

The World of Printing

Free Cake Comics has met its very first dilemma: printing.

Part of the thousands of dollars that go into tuition is to pay for paper. Each student has a printing quota of roughly 400 pages, which they can utilize at any time for free. If you run out you can refresh that quota. But as I learned yesterday it only gives you 100 more sheets.

Needless to say using this service for the printing of the FCC's first issue was a mistake. Not a huge mistake, but a mistake never the less.

The question now is over funding. Soon we will hopefully be a full recognized SA organization, which means we'll possibly be getting funding. With funding we'll be able to use outsider printers from

As president all these responsibilities fall roughly on my hands. And with tests, finals, art projects etc etc it's proving a daunting task.
Nothing I can't handle of course.
I happen to be a warrior when it comes to these things.

Lunch time.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Great War's Beginnings

This is the very first comic in "The Great War" series. This is what basically got me fired from my first job washing dishes in a pub. They were drawn in ball point pen on the backs of various schedules and print outs that I found in the trash. Apparently working on graphic novels on the job is frowned upon in the restaurant business. I don't see the problem, I was only pages in...

Because of the poor quality of the scans, I have written you a transcript. How nice!


King: "Bazil! What news from the Western front?"

Bazil: "It bodes ill sire. ...The troops are stricken with doubt and mutinous thoughts, and every day the enemy grows stronger with reinforcements from the South! The Queen's confidence in the General may have been misguided, I suspect they are lovers! ...My Lord...we must retreat from this war..."

King: "NEVER! ...No Bazil. We can not retire, without dishonor. I will not succumb to my brother. We must merely adopt a new stratagem. ...In the meantime have my spies keep watch on the Queen, I will not suffer her betrayal."

Bazil: *sigh* "Yes my Lord."

I'll have the second comic up sooner or later. It's harder now that my personal computer is being repaired. Relying on the school's programs has proven somewhat problematic.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Well, Halloween was brilliant as always. Though my favorite holiday is Christmas, there is no holiday that matches the creativity of All Hallow's Eve.

Today I got my Halloween package from my parents. Chocolate balls, a book and a card. The card situation is problematic. Every card I receive is a Far Side comic. The problem with this is that I literally own every comic Gary Larson ever made in The Far Side. I've read every single one, several times. I'm being a brat, I know. But there really is no logical reason why I should continue getting Gary Larson cards on every occasion that involves card giving.

I'm going to request that my father make the cards himself from now on. I always make mine, as they insist. I shall do the same.
They're more personal that way.

The book was my dad's: Morgan Howell's "A Woman Worth Ten Coppers." The first of his new trilogy.

Before I shamelessly plug my own father's writing I want you to know that I don't do fantasy novels. I suppose my reason for this may be that I don't want to subconsciously imitate another 's work. But the real reason is that every fantasy novel I had picked up previously bored me to tears. Except Beowulf, but that's really in a category of its own.

The characters, stories and adventures are either too cliche, too drawn out, or too irrelevant. By that I mean that there is no appeal to my own emotional/human experience.

So when I began to read "The Queen of the Orcs," I was the biggest of the skeptics. Especially since I am an avid orc fan.

But instead of praising him, I will merely offer up the chance for you to do your own investigation.

There are plenty of reviews on Amazon, all of them a lot more articulate than what mine might be.

You should buy a lot of them. They're putting me through college.

I will scan some stuff soon, I think. I'm feverishly working on an autobiographical comic that is now over 30 pages long. Woo wee.