Thursday, April 29, 2010

Okay so maybe a longer pause than usual...

The computer problem I had earlier was more or less rectified within a few days of the issue.
Long story short, I had to buy a completely new machine. Lucky for me all of my old data
was successfully transferred, so it's almost as though nothing ever happened.

The reason why I have not updated this blog in so long is because my BFA thesis show is coming up soon. Actually, it's tomorrow. Needless to say I've been very busy planning, arranging, managing...anything you can think of I've probably done it or given it thought.

There will be pictures of this show posted soon, so stay tuned!

My last semester is finally dwindling down to the point where I can see the end of the line.
I got my cap and gown, I took my last quiz, and I'm rather low on cash.
Then again, that's what summer jobs are for right?

Only this won't be a summer job, it'll be a bonafide full timer.
With luck I'll get on my feet en0ugh to create a website within a year or two.
If that doesn't end up happening then you can rest assured that I am working
on Suicide, my first graphic novel. In the very least I'll have updates on that.

My apologies for not updating sooner. It's been chaotic.
Sooner than later I'll dump a bunch of comics here.

I've been doing work for my school newspaper, but I found that I had to practice
limiting my comics to four frames. It's quite a challenge to make an engaging comic with that format. I found that I either ended up with one-liner punch lines or nonsequitor gags.
This of course is okay, because that roughly describes the comedic flow of practically every four panel comic ever made. The problem is making them actually funny.

It took a lot of comics until I made one I liked...and it turned out I didn't like that one too much either after a while. Like I said, I'll eventually post these comics (good and bad) on here.

Time for class!


Justin Hubbell

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