Thursday, June 10, 2010

Did I say every day?

Because what I meant was, every day that I remember to update.
Sorry bout that.

When I have a website things will be different.

Justin Hubbell


Christina said...

Dude, just found you out yesteray via Youtube. I really love your art + style, but I feel like the actual comics are uninspired. Like, 99% of the effort goes into the art, and you only have 5 minutes to come up with lines. Check out other popular webcomics, and you might notice that good jokes are 99% of what attract people to a comic. I mean, Not From Concentrate had a big following from stick figures that looked like they were drawn on Paint! I mean no hate, I really am just offering suggestions. You could even team up with a writer if you don't like doing it yourself.

Bio said...

These four panel comics were done for my school newspaper and as a general practice. They aren't really my style.

I will not be teaming up with writers anytime soon.