Friday, November 7, 2008

The World of Printing

Free Cake Comics has met its very first dilemma: printing.

Part of the thousands of dollars that go into tuition is to pay for paper. Each student has a printing quota of roughly 400 pages, which they can utilize at any time for free. If you run out you can refresh that quota. But as I learned yesterday it only gives you 100 more sheets.

Needless to say using this service for the printing of the FCC's first issue was a mistake. Not a huge mistake, but a mistake never the less.

The question now is over funding. Soon we will hopefully be a full recognized SA organization, which means we'll possibly be getting funding. With funding we'll be able to use outsider printers from

As president all these responsibilities fall roughly on my hands. And with tests, finals, art projects etc etc it's proving a daunting task.
Nothing I can't handle of course.
I happen to be a warrior when it comes to these things.

Lunch time.

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