Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Macintosh Gamers

This comic is not only self explanatory, it's anti-climatic! What fun!
How filmic!

Wooden Allen can bake a cake. An ugly cake.

I'm tempted to move onto a fictional comic, but I'm afraid it will lapse into an epic story that is too great to tell over a summer. It will take self control, to be sure.


Hey and be sure to check out my video for my top mac games!


Lisa Perrin said...

heh, I reckon I couldn't think of what other outfits Poe would have and I ended up emphasizing the play set element more than the paper doll element, yup!

I'm digging the color in a comic from an earlier post. Believe me, I love black and white ( i.e Poe play set)but color creates visual interest in a way black and white can't. Something to consider.

VikingBoyBilly said...

Kid Pix! Marathon! Realmz! Hahah, you've captured my childhood. Everyone knows about myst, but I wonder who else gives a crap about Cosmic Osmo (Myst's mac-only predecessor). Good times, good times.