Saturday, June 13, 2009

Robbed! A very unrelated post.

Cheated! Augh!

So I have been playing Unreal for the past two weeks are so. This should come as no surprise to my family seeing as how I beat it every summer. Anyone who knows Unreal knows that even on easy beating the game is quite an undertaken.

So I can say that I've been through prison ships, mines, jungles, villages, floating temples, fetid sewers, volcanos, dark arenas, name it...I fought through it to get to the final boss.

And to my horror, I killed her in one shot. No cheats.

I'm an anal guy, and a pack rat. So when I play first person shooters I hoard ammunition and equipment like I was payed to do it.

Not so ironically I almost never put the equipment to any use and by the time I've beaten any game I do it with tools to spare and a slight sight of regret not knowing how they might have helped. It was different this time.

I accidentally turned on the "Energy Amplifier" that I had picked up days ago (literally and virtually) and found that my dispersion pistol became the deadliest weapon in my arsenal. I discovered this on the second to last level of the game. The pistol is normally, in fact, the weakest gun.

So I thought, hey, why not use it on the Skaarj Queen to rough her up a little bit before I bring out the big guns?

And like I said. One shot.

I couldn't believe it. I even searched darkened arena for a couple minutes to see if she was hiding. But sure enough. One fucking shot.

I wanted an epic battle!
I wanted a fierce duel!
I wanted to be on the edge of my seat, barely surviving!

But no! One shot! For Christ's sake!

I have previously mentioned me being anal. So of course I couldn't just reload the game. When it comes to games there is no turning back. Grudgingly, woefully I pressed on and beat the game.

This happened not 10 minutes ago. I'm still reeling from my disappointment.


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