Friday, January 22, 2010


Ok so, it all started with this drawing.

Alex and I were drawing together trying to think up worlds together when I just became fascinated with the room I was in. I wanted to capture the details. What I'm coming to love about fountain pens is the very fact that I'm limited to a certain line (as I only have one nib). This inability to get the detail I'd normally like forced me to loosen up, and with that I was able to tackle things I would otherwise ignore out of laziness. So I drew the whole room, with her in it. But I wasn't quite satisfied.

If I were to look at this practically I'd call it a practice in backgrounds. Part of the inspiration for this new fascination comes from the people at Amanita Design, particularly from their AMAZING GAME "Machinarium."

I've never played a game where I immediately said "this is one of the best games I've ever played." I've been jaded for a while about games, but thank God for the Czechs! Once again, I can call computer games an art form and not look shabby for doing it.

Anyway, yes. Interiors. I really like drawing them right now. Now all I need is a bigger piece of paper...ooh baby!

Here are some details...

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