Monday, February 8, 2010

Has he gone mad??

In all seriousness...I can't seem to stop drawing what I am now constantly calling "interiors" (despite the face that I believe them to be more complex than that).

One woman remarked that I could probably sell these.
What do you think? Maybe?

Anyhow I've finally reconciled the background problem I was having.
I really enjoyed the interiors I made over break but I have to say the background distract me a little. It isn't a problem with everyone, in fact most enjoy the background. But I am a man of simplicity (false?) and I love how the latest one came out.

I did it on a pretty small piece of paper.
It took an hour and a half...roughly?

The photography is mine and I can't wait to use other mundane textures as backgrounds!
I also can't wait to incorporate my newfound fondness of interiors with my comics.
Haven't really had the time just yet...

I'm so busy with my last semester. But I run a tight ship!

1 comment:

Lrc said...

its a good madness! I love looking through the background and finding objects...