Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I've been tinkering with different papers, pens etc for some time.  And then it occurred to me after reading some Scott Mcloud that I should really be focusing on layout, backgrounds and detail.  A big problem with me is that I'm more concerned with the idea and less concerned with the product.

So while I take a lot from my work, others can't relate as much.
I'm perfectly capable of delivering good detail, it's just a question of pushing myself there.

So yeah.  I made a fun little comic about my girlfriend (and muse) and I.

I'm still not 100% satisfied with some of the tools I've been using.  I find the Sakura Pigment marker a little sloppy, and not dark enough.
I actually bought a repitograph but I've been too scared to use it.
Right now frame borders are what's bugging me the most.

I more or less was at one with them by the end of the strip.
I (and others) don't mind the freehand quality of the frames, but some of these are simply not good enough.


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sunshiny-hilani said...

What a fantastic kick.