Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The department head of Printmaking, Rimer Cardillo asked for one of my prints yestarday. As I may never see it again, I made sure to document it. I'm not incredibly attached to my work in printmaking, because right now I'm more focused on the idea than the product. And prints can always been replicated to some degree. Anyway, it was an honor. Here's the print.

In other news, the semester is finally winding down to a pace that is stress free. My one concern now is the summer, and how I will spend it. If I can do three pages a day for Suicide then I should be in good shape.

I've been trying to really spend a lot more time working on detailed backgrounds and better layout. My one problem is that I feel this comic blog would receive more traffic if I uploaded other projects, which quite frankly I'll be too busy to work on. Oh well.

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