Thursday, October 22, 2009

Some prints!

Hey guys!

Though I am unable to attend your comic needs, I can give you a slice of pie.
My thesis show is going to be in May, and I've been working on it since I got here.

The idea revolves around the self portrait, only instead of one I plan on printing
one hundred unique etchings.  Each one is framed.

Ultimately I want a mass of pictures that gives an overall impression of my life story (thus far).
Each print doesn't reveal too much, but together I hope they will act like a school of fish.

Here are three of them!


Will said...

Great prints. I can't wait to see the other ninety-seven.

Lisa Perrin said...

that bloody nostril cavity will be the death of me!
i'm digging the prints!

kvp said...

o0h, i didn't know that was the plan. looking forward to seeing the rest! that date is creepin' up. eep.