Sunday, October 4, 2009

Suicde in Salad? Yum.

Yesterday was the opening of SALAD, an art show featuring the work of New Paltz students and more. Myself and my good friend Elizabeth Cooper both had work on display in The Shirt Factory, a hip gallery in Kingston.
Our stuff will be up in there until October 23rd, so if you're in the area, check us out!
Pretty sure it's free to get in. Pretty sure.

The cool think about The Shirt Factory was that just around the corner were a bunch of other art shows. The blurred, candid is of Alex (yes, the Alex) and Tiffany admiring the latest works of Arnold Levine.

We had a good conversation with him, talking with artists is so much more rewarding outside of a lecture hall.

Alex and I always have fun going to galleries and pretending to buy art for our apartment/house. We also like "buying" art for others.

"You want that one? Tell you what, happy birthday."

I'd like to do some more comics soon but work is happening. Happening all over the place.
I pray for patience!

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