Monday, October 19, 2009


Hello everyone,

Unfortunately I do not have anything to show just yet for this blog, but know that I AM in fact, working on a comic.

I was informed recently that the best way to really broadcast a blog is simply updating it on a regular basis. All the professionals do. It is with a heavy heart that I then came to the realization that you followers are simply going to have to be patient until I graduate college.

With my thesis, classes, and me just trying to take advantage of my last year; I have to prioritize the now.

So, needless to say...updates will be infrequent.

But again, I DO have a comic in the works!
So there's that!

Thank you to all who check up on my site.
You will be rewarded in time!

And please, don't hesitate to comment, even if it's an older post!

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