Monday, February 22, 2010

BFA Show Dates! Yes!

Well folks, the time has come for me to talk once again of my BFA thesis show, which will officially premiere April 30th. A friday.

My junior year in college I wondered if I had lost my drive. If my sense of discipline had been vanquished by my swelling senioritis...

Now I know that not to be true. I work so hard these days that Mondays utterly astonish me. Because if it were Monday...then that would mean I must have, at some point, experienced some kind of weekend. Right?

Right. No. There are no weekends anymore. There hasn't been any since September of last semester, when I began working on my thesis.

For the longest time I wasn't sure if any of it was going to be rewarding, but upon finding the perfect dresser for my installation, I must admit that each new print feels like a major triumph. Even my shittiest work would look relevant in these drawers. I will probably include at least one print from freshman year, just to go full circle.

Eventually I'll update this post with the image I'll use on my postcard. I plan on having that done soon.
Sooner than later.
You betcha.

Now all that is left is elbow grease and paperwork. No more time for worrying.
It's go time.

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Lrc said...

To infinity and beyond! great going!