Friday, February 19, 2010

Ok one more.

Two new things! A person! And a ROOM within an interior! Can it be? Gadzooks!
I really wished I showed up when you look for "Justin Hubbell" under google.
What is up with that?

A long time ago I got this pop up saying "WANT TO BECOME MORE VISIBLE? GET A GOOGLE PROFILE?"

And basically it was this thing where I would submit a picture and an address and all that jazz. I wasn't too comfortable with that idea so I tried to undo the process. I managed it, but doing so erased me completely from the search.

So now I have to recommend people search "sheeps pond" which is frankly embarrassing because the real name in Cape Cod is "Sheep Pond."

I always called it "Sheep's Pond" as a kid because I didn't know better. And while I could argue that that was what I was going for when I chose my blog name? it would still be kind of dumb of me. Which it was.

Oh well.
Oh well.


Of This, I Am Certain. said...

Love it!

I like how the person is aggravated that he is too tall for his space.

Lrc said...

fabulous detail and yes the person does look annoyed that he is too big and maybe didn't think of making the ceilings just a smidge higher.