Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ah the politics of pens...

Since winter break I have fallen desperately in love with my fountain pen.
I would like to get some new nibs but I shall always remain faithful to the original.

The problem with fountain pens, however, is the line quality you get when scanning them. This was most evident to me in the latest comic.

If you look (and you don't even have to look carefully), the line edge has this sort of fuzziness to it. This is because nib of the fountain pen presses into the paper instead of rolling on top of it. The edges left on the embossing get picked up by scanners, and as a result the line quality is not quite as crisp as when I was just using Microns.

Just look at the comparison.


Oh well? What's a guy to do?
Reading over some of my favorite graphic novelists I'm always shocked at the lack of detail in the drawings. Comforted too.


Lrc said...

The difference is significant. Its too bad because I like fountain pens. I've been practicing with my wacom tablet and I am confused at how the line quality varies...I can't seem to control it...very you work with a tablet?

Tadpole said...

My brother got a wacom tablet when the technology was brand new. It came with a program called Dappler Pro. The line would change depending on how hard you pressed on the tablet, but the kind of "brush" you selected would further control how that line looked.

We have a new one now. I look at all the comics that are done on tablets and the advantages are really great. A lot of really successful illustrators and comic artists use them.

Maybe one day I'll cave in but I can't give up pen and paper. It makes me sad just thinking about the idea. I might feel different at 60 with arthritis though.