Sunday, March 21, 2010

More tales from The Great War

I'm a little worried that people will associate this villainous character with Lucius Malfoy.
Of course I only realized the similarity until after I finished doing the comic. That's life.

I had a dream once of making a book out of The Great War, but it seems to me now an impossibility. I say this because in spite of the various comics I've done...there really is no story. I've come to realize that the series is more a practice in dialog than anything else. Good writing is hard, but it good storytelling is perhaps even harder.

As always, The Great War offers a little slice of the big picture...


I had a lovely time with Alex in Alfred!

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Lrc said...

The whole story bit is what prevents me from thinking about making a graphic novel too...maybe work with someone else to come up with a story? hmmm