Thursday, March 25, 2010

Backgrounds and bios

I've been wanting to give my blog a little makeover, so I looked into getting custom backgrounds. I have since discovered that there are oodles of free backgrounds to be had online specifically designed for blogs. I have also learned that most of them are for girls.

I wanted something sleek and dark, but all I found were these amazingly intricate patterns, all of them bright with floral fruity motifs. Pink Victorian wallpaper with stitched trim and strawberry stickers...cute happy go luck ghosts swirling over multicolored tracing lines...

It was all so damned sappy. But in looking into all this I realized that the coding used is actually quite simple. And so I shall endeavor to create my own background. We'll see how that goes. But I was also able to edit out some things that annoyed me. The top dashboard is, for example, no longer that awful blue strip that screams "THIS IS BLOGSPOT."

I digress.

While taking Senior Art Seminar with Venetia Dale, one of the exercises was to write an artist bio, which I have just now supplemented over the "about me" section. I wrote one, and three other comic ones. Here they are:

Justin Hubbell is most well known as the premiere graphic novelist of his time. After his work on Suicide, Manhood, and Race, he left America with his wife to pursue independent work in the Bahia, Brazil. Justin Hubbell is a native of Rochester and thinks that the city "is not so bad."

Justin Hubbell has attended school for the past seventeen years. Though he is known for his work with comics, the artist states that "I really haven't lived much yet," and is looking forward to life outside of college. He aims to publish his graphic novels.

Justin Hubbell was born on cold December afternoon. His mother has remarked that he didn't put up much of a fight. This makes sense considering that Justin Hubbell has a hard time bench pressing anything over 30 lbs.

Justin Hubbell is known for his mastery of the Unreal Tournament gladitorial circuit. Now retired, he currently spends time training disenfranchised youth how to properly operate forklifts. He may in fact, be a moth.

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